Dave Bish on #CST14

We asked Dave Bish why he’s looking forward to #CST14 and why he’ll be encouraging students from across the South-West to book in now:
"I love CST because it’s about seeing people equipped and envisioned to live for Jesus wherever they are. This feels fresh and vitally important for us. Deep theology and experience of God cashed out in the workplace and the public square is an exciting prospect. It’s great to be able to combine the the theological depth of a Mike Reeves and Phil Moore with the engagement in business and politics of a Charles Luyckx and a Nola Leach.”

Andrew Larkin on #CST14 

We asked Andrew Larkin why he’s encouraging students and 20s from Plymouth to book in to #CST14

"Most conferences either aim to equip people for service in the church or on shaping Christians to live out their faith in the workplace. The aim of CST, however, is to do both.
A chance to hear and learn from such a diverse range of speakers is a unique opportunity which will help equip us all to play our part in the different areas God would have us in.”

Tim Blaber on #CST14

We asked Tim Blaber why he’s encouraging students and 20s from Portsmouth to book in to #CST14

"I want them to benefit from the fantastic line up of speakers we have. Furthermore, I have personally found that it is during conferences like these that I have most clearly discerned the call of God on my life and I believe he will similarly speak to and encourage all who gather at CST. I want them to see the bigger picture and to know what a privilege it is to be caught up in God’s mission.”